Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Pictures

Family pictures are always interesting. Especially this year with a very active and uncooperative two year old. She didn't want to hold still, look at the camera or keep her headband on. Luckily we were able to get a few cute ones so we didn't have to do a re shoot. Thanks Shauna!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I took Olivia swimming at Grandma and Papa's house. I love that my parents have a pool that we can use anytime and that they live so close. Last year we really didn't take advantage of it but this year we will for sure. Even though it was pretty warm out that day the pool was still a little too cold for me, so Olivia got to play in the baby pool instead. She loved it! This little one is a water baby for sure. She especially loved that she could splash around and make a mess with the water all she wanted.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Feb/ March/April

Feb highlights:
Valentines Day. Jon and I went out on a date! Yay! We aren't very good about having date nights. I know that they are so important and I love them whenever we do go, but it just doesn't happen very often. We honestly have been on maybe 5 dates in the last 19 months and two were anniversarys. We really need to do better.

Olivia's Valentines Day outfit.

I know I know.. the binky. She looks a lot older than she is and believe me I get looks when I'm out and give it to her. But since this picture was taken I'm glad to say that she only gets it at bed/nap time now.


Jon's 35th birthday.

The weekend before his birthday Jon and Ryan took a guys trip to Vegas. They always have fun there. For his actual birthday we kept it simple this year which was nice. We planned a dinner with some friends and played a little joke on the birthday boy. I had Ari text him the morning of the dinner that she would not be able to make it. Then about 30 min before we were suppose to meet for dinner I had Heather, Kassi and Scott cancel too. Jon was totally bumbed that hardly anyone was going to be there. When we got to Abuelos everyone was at the table waiting to suprise him. We thought it was a funny joke and he was pleasantly suprised. I didn't get any pictures except for this one...

The cake! You can tell what I think is important :) Kassi and Heather got some pretty sweet decorations.


Olivia loves shoes. She tries on every pair she can find. Usually she sticks to my flip flops or flats, but the other day she found some high heels and loved them! She actually walks pretty good in them. It was hard to get a picture because she wouldn't stop walking.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Vistancia community garage sale. We usually find some good stuff but this year we only got one thing. I was actually kind of bummed since we woke up so early and drove all the way out there. But when we got home and gave Livy her new car the look on her face made it totally worth it! Love this little girl!

This is Olivia's "Oh no" face. She says that and then grabs her cheeks.. love it!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Fun

Last Saturday we went up to Flagstaff to go play in the snow. It was fun to have Kassi, Ava and Heather come with us this year. Olivia enjoyed it more this year too. Last year she pretty much slept the whole time. Both girls, Olivia and Ava, liked going down on the sleds,but I think they just liked playing in the snow best. I love that we can drive a couple of hours to go play in the snow but don't have to live in it :)

Ava was laughing so hard at her mom. It was too cute.

Olivia liked to lick the snow

Both girls looks so cute in their bibs. I wish she could wear them all of the time.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Whole Lot Of Catching Up To Do

K so its been like 3 months since my last post and I have to admitt that's partly do to beeing busy, but honestly also because I've been lazy. But one of my new years resolutions is to be better. Even if its something short I want to post at least once a month. That seems like a realistic goal right? I don't want to write a novel about the last three months but I do want to hit a few highlights. Here we go....

Family pictures. It was hot, and Olivia was cranky but we had one shot to take them so we did our best. Luckily we were able to get few good ones..enough for my wall collage. These are just a couple that I liked.

Random picture of Olivia. She likes to dump out all of her toys and sit in the box sometimes.

The state fair comes in October and Jon and I usually try and go. We don't go on any rides, mostly just walk around, people watch , and eat some greasy but delicious food. This time we took Olivia to the petting zoo. She was a little nervous at first, but warmed up quickly to all of the animals. She liked the big fat goats the best. She could have spent the whole day in there petting and feeding the goats. Who knows, maybe Grampa Rees wil buy her one someday ;)

Halloween. Happy birthday to me. It was a good one this year. I celebrated for almost a whole week with different dinners and such. I decided though that 27 sounds too old. And even though sometimes I act old, I don't feel it. So I'm going remain 26. Yep that sounds much better. Unfortunatly I didn' get many pictures of Olivia in her costume. I think Kassi got most of the good ones. This is the best one I have. She's such a cute cheerleader.

Olivia loves books! One morning while I was getting her bath ready I came out of the bedroom to find this

That's Olivia reading a book...on Titan's bed! So gross..she isn't allowed to play on his bed, but she wanted to read him a story. And come on...that's pretty dang cute!

We don't get to see our niece and nephews too often. Olivia and I get to see them the most just because my mom has Olivia while I'm at work and somtimes the kids come over there. Ira, aka Fred, loves his Uncle Jon. He always wants to hang out with him and play video games. So we had him over one night so the two of them could hang out. This is him and Jon playing and Olivia telling them where to go or something.

He was very focused

In November we went to the pumpkin patch. I never knew we had one so close until Kassi told us about it. Olivia had a blast. She loved all of the animals especially the baby cow. That was my favorite too.

I tried to give her a smaller pumpkin but she liked this bigger one better.

Thanksgiving. We hosted dinner this year so that we wouldn't have to split time with our families. Lucky we both have smaller families and we could all fit. I really liked it this way and I think everyone else did too.

My favorite picture of the day! GG and Olivia! Too cute!

Later that night we went over to Heather's house and Kassi had the great idea of roasting marshmellows and making smores in the back yard. She got the jumbo marshmellows and the girls loved them.

Every night at 7 and 8 it snowed at Desert Ridge. We took Olivia to see the "snow" one night for FHE. She liked it ok, but fake snow didn't impress her too much. I think it was bubbles or somthing like that.

She would rather dance on the stage with the other kids

Next up was Ari's wedding. She got married in Vegas because that is where her and her new hubby live. What can I say.. it was a crazy fast trip...emphasis on the crazy. But everything turned out beautiful and the bride was gorgeous. We love you Ari and are so happy we could be there for your special day!

We took pretty much the whole wedding with us. This is Marie's Taho filled to the ceiling. The seat on the right was holding our luggage and the one on the left was Heather's little spot. It was a cozy ride with lots of laughs, interesting discussions,and Christmas music!

I went to a Christmas cookie/goodie exchange at Shauna's house and got to see some friends that I dont' get to see very often. I didn't take any pictures that night but this is Olivia and Ava enjoying the chocolate covered marshmellows. Jon organized a white elephant poker game that we had at Heather's house. It was a lot of fun and may have become a new tradition for us.

Glendale Glitters is another thing we like to go to every year. This year the weather was perfect. Just cold enough to feel like winter, but not so cold that didn't want to be outside. This year we went with Heather, Kassi, Ava and Addison. Again I think most of the pictures ended up on their cameras.

Last year Ari bought Olivia this white fleece outfit. Its so cute and has bear ears on the hood. When I put her in it she fell to the floor and started rolling around saying "Whoa whoa whoa" For some reason at first she thought she couldn't walk in it.. it was pretty funny.

Another tradition we have is the morning of Christmas Eve we go out to breakfast. No pictures of that either, but it was fun and yummy. That night we had dinner at Kassi and Scotts and exchanged gifts. It was fun spending Christmas Eve with our other family.

Ava trying on her mom's new shoes.

Olivia loved her new baby from the Andrus's

Sweet little Addi

Christmas morning! We got to relax at home for a while before going to visit our families

Titan got some goodies from Santa too

Olivia's favorite present was her doll stoller. She pushes it all over the place. She doesn't limit rides to just her dolls though. Her books, dishes, shoes and even Titan's new treats all get to go for a ride. Yes that's what is is the stoller in this treats.

So that's it! We had some good times over the past few months and are looking forward to a great new year!